With my recovery after La Solitaire Bompard – Le Figaro well on the way,  I am slowly telling the story of my race. I am ecstatic to have won the Rookie title at the La Solitaire Bompard- Le Figaro 2016 and 2nd British competitor just made it better.

 An intense 1500 miles mean there is bound to be problems along the way and with the abnormal windy and wet conditions we saw this race was no different. I have begun with a video made up of the moments I managed to find the time to speak to the camera for a bit. 

The best bits of footage I managed to capture from La solitaire Bompard- Le Figaro. Onboard footage taken during this solo race explains the tough times an the enjoyable times of the race, especially with a close rivalry with Pierre Quiroga, second rookie at the event