The first week of ‘rookie month’ has flown by. Myself, Hugh and Mary (The other rookies) are living in Southampton taking on shore based activities to aid our coming training in the Figaro. A typical day consists of a morning gym session followed by the days activity. Another gym session then follows up in the evening. This is some of the most intense physical training I have done and we are really having to push ourselves.

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Some of the activities this week have included a day working with Cameras, Sponsorship strategy and First aid. We have now been tasked with filming and editing a video of our time during this training camp. Its really hard to find the time to plan your shots for the video whilst still paying attention to what we are learning.

The sponsorship talk really gave me an insight into the amount of preparation needed before even approaching a potential sponsor. I have never really understood the way a partnership works between a sports campaign and a company. Nick Mason who was running the day has alot of experience with America’s Cup teams. He showed us how we can sell our campaign to  a sponsor and tailor offers to different companies.

Friday was spent working towards our first aid certificate. The session was with Medical Safety Offshore and Dr Spike had some gruesome stories of accidents offshore to scare us with… Things then got practical and we practised sticking IV needles into each others arm. Something we were all not looking forward to but once we got stuck in it was fine!

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We had a weekend of practising manoeuvres on the water to finish the week off. 8-12 knots of wind kept things interesting especially for Hugh who had his first solo sail ever! I was quite happy with the qualtiy of my manouvres, but now its my straight line boat speed i need to work on!

2015-10-10 11.36.18

Now into week 2 we have an action packed week ahead including Sea survival and some more filming and photography work. Of course the gym sessions continue to tire us out ….